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I spent a week at my mom's and gran's for Christmas and came back a few hours ago to find my cats had somehow locked themselves in the bathroom for an unknown length of time and made an absolute mess. I'm trying to gather up the
strength to tackle it at the moment. It was basically this scene from Daddy Day Care. DDD:

The poor babies seemed kind of traumitised as well, but I got them some toys to hopefully make up for it. :(((

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Rating: G
Warnings, kinks & contents: None, excepting that I haven't used PS in a billion years SO YEAH, they're a bit rough. I'm just so glad they're back I wanted to make something even if nobody ever uses them. :)


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>Feel free to credit isaac_of_nine.
>Feel even more free to leave a comment.
>Altering is fine as long as you credit.
>I'm never going to find out what exactly is wrong with this layout when I post icons...

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I've been pretty out of commission the past couple of weeks because of an eye... infection? I was having terrible headaches and irrititation, went to two separate opthamologists three times, and it turns out my eyes were sunburned. Somehow.

So anyway, yeah, sunglasses everywhere now.

What's awesome is that because I'm unmarried and childless, I still fall under my parents' federal Blue Cross insurance. Gonna miss that when I age out of it, but that was my first doctor's visit since I saw a pediatrician, so hopefully they stay as few and far between.

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Wow, this Brexit decision really has me worried about how the US presidential election will turn out. Like, you kinda just trust the majority of people to make the common sense choice and then they go and make the racist one. I'm afraid this is how we'll end up with President Trump, ugh.

With all of this hatred and xenophobia becoming loud and rampant rather than just thinly veiled, it's beginning to feel like the world is moving towards something, hmm, not good.

I wonder what'll happen with Scotland and N Ireland since they wanted to remain and what Cameron is going to do.

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Random observation of the day: at some point I've started eating and drinking left-handed all the time from my habit of eating at the computer because my right hand operates the mouse/trackpad.


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Sooooo, I did manage to get the apartment. :)

With any luck I'll be (mostly) moved in by the weekend and get my internet situation sorted. Then I can make more regular updates and post crap and whatnot. I'm afraid of the data plans they have set up for the only internet provider I'm allowed to get, I've always had unlimited, but hopefully it's not too bad. Because I'm not going to make it without internet. :(

Tell you what though, this whole furniture picking thing is pretty difficult. I'm not picky so I don't know what to choose? It's taking an embarrassingly long time to get a bed/sofa/other stuff. Eh. Wish someone could just do it for me, I really wouldn't mind.

But I get to have a cat! Which makes everything a little better.

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Just finished the new Endeavour, really liked it.

A few thoughts:

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The retention of quality in Endeavour is honestly putting Sherlock to shame at the moment, I have to say. The BBC needs to bite the bullet and throw some millions at Paul McGuigan to lure him back.

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Christmas is hella expensive. Why did no one agree to my idea of getting each other Dollar Tree gift cards for funsies? What was wrong with that?

Oh well, I got everyone boss presents anyway. My niece, for example, is getting Frozen roller skates and my Coke-guzzling uncle is getting a mini-vending machine for five different kinds of pop.

I also treated myself to the majority of B1A4's backlog of CDs because they were all available on Amazon and apparently I have no self-control.

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I always get on so well with grannies.

I think it's because, usually, their relatives aren't that interested in their stories or opinions and they just need someone who seems like they appreciate what they have to say.

So I got to talking with this lady today and we were basically giving each other our lifes' stories. After I told her about my dad, I think she felt sorry for me because she had her granddaughter go and get us hot fudge sundaes. But then she also thought I was a lot younger than I am too, almost a decade younger, so I guess that explains the knee-jerk ice cream reaction.

Oh and we discussed Obama coming to town tomorrow. He'll be at a penitentiary and it'll probably be crowded as hell so I'm not going to try and get a glimpse of him. I hope there aren't any redneck protests or anything like that.

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